Mohan Fonseka


2003-9 to 2009.8    Sri Lanka Export Credit Insurance Corporation       Financial & Credit Analysts

2013.9 to 2015.11   Xi’an International Studies University     Lecturer

2015-11 to date     Xi’an Jiaotong University      Assistant Professor


2009-9 to 2013-9     Xi’an Jiaotong UniversityAccounting       PhD Degree

2004-4 to 2008-7     University of PeradeniyaBusiness Administration MBA Degree

1999-3 to 2004-2     Wayamba University of Sri Lanka    Agri-Business Management    B.Sc. Degree

2000-1 to 2003-12   Institute of Certified Management Accountant      Management Accounting        Professional Diploma


Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, Financial Management


Intellectual contributionsin the field of learning and pedagogical research for the most recent five years:

Fonseka, M.M., Dissanayake, G., Tian, G-L Gender Diversity in the Boardroom on Private Equity Placements: evidence from a highly Regulated Private Equity Market, a concurrent session in American Accounting Association annual meeting 2015 in Chicago, USA

Fonseka, M.M., Gender Diversity in the Boardroom on Private Equity Placements: evidence from a highly Regulated Private Equity Market at a concurrent session in Accounting Finance Association of Australia and New Zealand (AFAANZ) annual meeting 2015 in Hobart, Australia

Fonseka, M.M., Colabage, S.R.N. Tian, G-L, Effects  of  regulator’s  announcements, information  asymmetry  and  ownership  changes on  private  equity  placements:  Evidence  from China, Journal of International Financial   Markets,  Institution  and  Money,  2014, 29:126 – 149

Fonseka, M.M., Yang, X., Tian, G-L, Rajapakse, R.L.T.N, How does the Interaction between Financial and Human Resource Slacks Affect Firms’ Performance? Evidence from China, South African Journal Business Management, 2014, 48(3), 57-66

Fonseka, M.M., Colabage, S.R.N. Tian, G-L, Competitor Firms’ Stock-Price Reaction to Private Equity Placement Announcements: Evidence from China, at a concurrent session in AFAANZ annual conference 2014, Auckland, New Zealand

Fonseka, M.M., Wang. P., Impact of human resource slacks on firm performance: Evidence from a developing country ZBORNIK RADOVA EKONOMSKOG FAKULTETA U RIJECI- PROCEEDINGS OF RIJEKA FACULTYOF ECONOMICS, 2013, 31, 279-306

Fonseka, M.M., Tian, G-L Effects of Regulator's Announcements, Information Asymmetry and Ownership Changes on Private Equity Placements: Evidence from China 2013, at a concurrent session in AAA Annual Meeting held on August 3–7, in Anaheim, California.

Fonseka, M.M., Samarakoon, L.P., Tian, G-L Equity Financing Capacity and Stock Returns: Evidence from China, Journal of International Financial Markets, Institution and Money, 2012 22, 1277-1291

Learning and Pedagogical Research Projectsattended or in charge for the most recent five years:

China Postdoctoral Science Foundation Competitive Research Grants (Level 11) for the project of “Impact of Corporate Governance and Political Connections for firms’ refinancing: Evidence from China” (2013.07 -2015.06): Project leader

2013年国家自然科学基金项目(71372163) “媒体报道发挥公司治理作用的机制研究:理论分析与实证检验”(The Mechanism through which Media Coverage Play the Corporate Governance Role: Theoretical and Empirical Analysis),主持人田高良,经费54万元,2014.1-2017.12。Mohan为第3参与人。


2013年高等学校博士学科点专项科研基金资助课题名单(博导类) “信息化背景下的企业内部控制评价认证体系研究”(课题编号:20130201110019),主持人田高良,经费12万元,2014.1-2016.12。Mohan为第3参与人。

国家自然基金青年项目(项目批准号:71302195)“动态内生框架下"自媒体"信息与投资者关系管理:理论分析和实证检验 ”,主持人于忠泊,经费20万元,2014.1-2016.12。Mohan为第3参与人。