讲座题目:Innovate or Die: How does Technological Turbulence Affect Knowledge-Worker Teams?

讲座题目:Innovate or Die: How does Technological TurbulenceAffect Knowledge-Worker Teams?

讲座人:Prof. Chen





In this paper, we view knowledge-worker teams asopen systems that are directly affected by environmental challenges. Drawing onthe strategic contingency and resource dependence perspective of power, wepropose and demonstrate that, to address the challenges evoked by technologicalturbulence, knowledge-worker teams need to engage in two processes,de-dependence on team experts and external knowledge acquisition, to achievehigh innovation performance. We collected multi-source, multi-wave data from109 new product development teams that operated in technology-intensiveindustries and found considerable support for our central hypotheses, i.e.,these two processes mediated the relationship between a team’s sharedperception of technological turbulence and its innovation performance.Moreover, team autonomy enhanced the positive mediated effects of technologicalturbulence on team innovation performance via both de-dependence on teamexperts and external knowledge acquisition. We discuss the theoretical andempirical implications of our findings on how and when knowledge-worker teamscan reap the innovative benefits of environmental technological turbulence.

Keywords: technologicalturbulence; de-dependence on team experts; external knowledge acquisition;knowledge-worker teams; team innovation


陈婷婷教授现就职于香港岭南大学管理学系。她在香港城市大学获得博士学位。她的研究领域包括个体和团队层面的创新、高速变化的环境对于团队过程的影响、创业及创业团队、领导力理论、情绪劳动等。陈婷婷教授曾经在国际著名期刊如PersonnelPsychologyJournal of OrganizationalBehavior发表文章。她于2014年获得香港特别行政区大学教育资助委员会颁发的杰出青年学者奖