讲座时间: 2017年4月18日下午2:30-4:30

地点: 管理学院313室

题目一: Cooperative Games and Profit/Cost Allocation in Collaborative Logistics

报告人: HaoxunChen, Professor,Industrial Systems Optimization LaboratoryUniversityof Technology of Troyes, France

摘要:In recent years, collaborative logistics has been emerging as one effective strategy for reducing logistics costs while improving the service to customers. One key issue for collaborative logistics is how to fairly allocatethe profit or cost generated by a collaborative coalition among its members.In this lecture, the theory of cooperative games and its applications to the profit/cost allocation in collaborative logistics will be presented and research opportunities in this field will be discussed.

题目二: Optimisationmodels for reverse logistic

报告人: Matthieu Godichaud, Associate Professor, Industrial Systems Optimisation Laboratory, University of Technology of Troyes, France

摘要: This presentation is about modelling to solve several optimization problem in reverse logistics. After presenting the context and the motivation to use optimization in reverse logistic, three problems will be presented. The first one is about disassembly level decision to minimize operation cost under uncertainties. The second one is about disassembly lot sizing. The model is an integer linear program for which metaheuristic approaches are used to solve it. The third model is related to closed-loop supply chain with inventory considerations and under uncertainties on demands and returns.The problem is analyzed by using multi-objective metaheuristic approaches.