香港城市大学Richard Fung 教授系列讲座

【讲座题目】:Airport Safety,Security and Business ContinuityManagement【讲座摘要】:Amidst increasing demands for highersafety, security and businesscontinuity standards in airport operations, thiscourse aims at equippingstudents with theknowledge, ability and skill to plan, design, develop andimplementrelated regulatory and contingency framework / systems in theairtransportation sector.【讲座地点】:管理学院315

【讲座时间】: 2017 613日(上午)  930-1130

Lecture 1(1-hour)

·  IntroductionThe regulatory framework onenvironmental, occupational health and atcontemporary airports

Lecture 2 (1-hour)

·   Qualityassurance of air transportationsafety systems on data analysis, accidents /incident recording, reporting andstatistics, etc.

【讲座时间】:  2017 613日(下午) 1500-1700

Lecture 3 (1-hour)

·  Humanfactors in aviation safety: managinghuman error, engineering controlstrategies, administrative control strategies

Lecture 4  (1-hour)

·   Regulatory Framework on Emergency Planning

【讲座时间】:  2017 614日(上午)  930-1130  

Lecture 5  (1-hour)

·  Foundations of security: security and rulesof law,US law and foreign domestic law comparison, role of technology

Lecture 6  (1-hour)

·   Business Continuity Planning (BCP) andCrisisManagement in the Air Transportation Sector

【讲座时间】:  2017 614日(下午) 1500-1700

Lecture 7  (1-hour)

·  Design and develop a BCP : Case Study – HongKongInternational Airport

·  Crisis Management in Civil Aviation

Lecture 8  (1-hour)

·  Emergency Response Operations at CommandCentre,Accident Site, Passenger /  FamilyReception Centre

·   Media Management and Humanitarian Assistancein the event of anaviation emergency


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