讲座题目: Quantitative analysis and modeling of textual data

题目:Quantitative analysis and modeling of textual data 主讲人:Haiyan Wang,London School of Economics and Political Science 时间:2017年10月17日(周二)10:00到11:30 地点:管理学院313会议室


Haiyan Wang简介:

Haiyan Wang is currently research officerof Quantitative Text Analysis at Department of Methodology at the London Schoolof Economics and Political Science (LSE).

She received her Ph.D. and MSc fromImperial College London, Department of Computing, and BSc of ElectronicEngineering from Northwestern Polytechinical University(西北工业大学)

Hercurrent research focuses on quantitative methods for processing large scaletextual data, spanning from the analysis of big data, text mining using machinelearning and general statistical methods. Her other research interests includedeveloping algorithm for classification and pattern recognition incomputational vision analysis and medical image analysis.