讲座题目: The big data project manager: A story about project data for academics and professionals

题目The big data project manager: A story about projectdata for academics and professionals

报告人Prof.Mario Vanhoucke比利时根特大学



【Abstract】 Thispresentation gives an overview of the past endeavours and the recent trends indata-driven project management (also known as “dynamicscheduling” or “integrated projectmanagementand control”)

The research focuses on linking baselinescheduling to risk management and project control and aimsat providing better quantitative tools toproject managers for improving their decision making processwhen managing their projects. In thepresentation, it will be assumed that the audience is somewhatfamiliar with the project management research,and has some basic knowledge about sometechniques such as the critical path method, schedule risk analysis andearned value management.

The presentation will give an overview on theuse of project data for research and practice, and willshow that nowadays companies talk about the availability of (big) data asthey are currentlyoverwhelmed byterabytes of data. It will be shown that, despite this apparently abundance ofdata,academics still struggle with using these datafor their research studies. It is not the huge availability ofproject data that will enable researchers toadvance the state-of-the-art in project management, butrather the way the data is used according to the strict rules ofacademia.

Nowadays, the use of project data is restrictedto the presence of artificial sets and only one set ofempirical projects. However, recent research trends illustrate that theintegrated use of empirical dataandadvanced techniques from artificial intelligence leads to promising results,which might define thepath for futureresearch avenues. References to a literature overview of project control willbe given tooutline the future of the research onintegrated project management and control.