讲座题目: Internet of Things, Real-Time Decision Making and Artificial Intelligence

题目:Internet of Things,Real-Time Decision Making and Artificial Intelligence

报告人:Prof. James M.Tien,美国工程院院士、迈阿密大学工程学院院长



AbstractInseveral earlier papers, the author defined and detailed the concept of aservgood, which can be thought of as a physical good or product enveloped by aservices-oriented layer that makes the good smarter or more adaptable andcustomizable for a particular use. Adding another layer of physical sensorscould then enhance its smartness and intelligence, especially if it were to beconnected with other servgoods – thus, constituting an Internet of Things (IoT)or servgoods. More importantly, real-time decision making (RTDM) is central tothe Internet of Things; it is about decision informatics and embraces theadvanced technologies of sensing (i.e., Big Data), processing (i.e., real-timeanalytics), reacting (i.e., real-time decision-making), and learning (i.e.,deep learning). Indeed, RTDM is becoming an integral aspect of IoT andartificial intelligence (AI), including its improving abilities at voice andvideo recognition, speech and predictive synthesis, and language andsocial-media understanding.  These threekey and mutually supportive technologies – IoT, RTDM, and AI – are consideredherein, including their progress to date.