讲座题目:Paying Too Much for Growth: What have Investors Missed?


英国利物浦大学管理学院Prof.Charlie X Cai学术报告

题目:Paying Too Much for Growth: What haveInvestors Missed?

报告人:利物浦大学管理学院Prof.Charlie X Cai






Prof.CharlieX Cai’ CV

Charlie X Cai joins the Liverpool University Management School as isa Professor of Finance in 2017.  Beforethis he was a Professor in the Leeds University Business School, UK and beforethat a Professor in Bradford University School of Management. Charlie’sresearch career started from his PhD onthe market microstructure of the London Stock Exchange, a research journey thattaught him the foundations of financial markets and provided him with solidempirical modelling skills. Since then he has continued his research interest in examining the impact of technology onfinancial markets (issues such as algorithmic and high-frequency trading) anddeveloped expertise in big data analytic. He subsequently broadened his research interests into asset pricing,corporate governance and banking.

His recent research focus has been in the area of financialtechnology (fintech) in emerging market,pricing anomalies around the world and systemic risk in a global context, allof which are significant aspects of today’s global financial system.Many of hiswork has been published in ABS listed 3 and 4 star journals including Journal of Accounting and Economics,Journal of Money, Credit and Banking British Journal of Management and Financial Management. He iscurrently serving on the editorial board of the International Small BusinessJournal and Accounting and Finance.  

Charlie’s informed and rigorous approach has benefitted from hisactive collaboration with scholars from a wide range of academic, industrialand regulatory organisations. He has alsoworked outside academia as a research consultant, and he is committed tobuilding research links with other disciplines and academic institutionsworldwide.

Charlie’s teaching isresearch-lead with emphasis on real-world applications.  He has been instrumental in creating a Trading Rome in Leeds University BusinessSchool which brings the city experience to students.  Besides his academic life Charlie has strong interests in website and appdevelopments.  One of his recent projects is the development of a classroom andpresentation mobile interaction app: text2vote.co.uk.