讲座题目:Proactive Personality and Behavior: Where have we been and where do we need to go?

讲座题目:ProactivePersonality and Behavior: Where have we been and where do we need to go?

报告人:J. MichaelCrant,美国圣母大学教授




Since professorBateman and professor Crant first introduced the idea of proactive personalityin a paper published 25 years ago (Bateman & Crant, 1993), the concepts ofproactive personality and behavior have emerged as important constructs in thefield of organizational behavior. A large number of empirical studies,dissertations, conference presentations, books, and meta-analyses are testamentto the core role that a proactive orientation plays in the world of work. Inthis presentation, professor Crant will draw from both his own research andthat of other scholars to establish what we know about proactivity, and offersome ideas about possible future research directions. Professor Crant will alsopresent a brief overview of a current empirical paper to provide an example of hispresent work on the topic.

学者简介:J. Michael Crant教授从1993年一直任教在美国圣母大学门多萨商学院,是组织行为学领域的知名学者。他对主动性人格和组织行为的研究众所周知,是这些领域的思想领袖,是被高度引用的学者之一。现为Personnel Psychology, Journal of Business and Psychology等期刊的编委会成员,是Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Journal ofApplied Psychology, Personnel Psychology, Organizational Behavior and HumanDecision Processes, Journal of Organizational Behavior, Journal of AppliedSocial Psychology等期刊的特设审稿人。主要研究方向:主动性人格、个体差异、印象管理、自我妨碍行为、中国情景的人格和组织行为。多数文章发表在国际知名期刊上,如Academy ofManagement Journal, Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Management,Personnel Psychology, Organization Science, Journal of Organizational Behavior,Journal of Business and Psychology,Journalof Applied Social Psychology等。