讲座题目:Simple Control for Complex Job Shops: Workload Control, COBACABANA and Industry 4.0

讲座题目:SimpleControl for Complex Job Shops: Workload Control, COBACABANA and Industry 4.0

主讲人:MatthiasThürer (Jinan University)




Matthias is a Distinguished Professor in Management Science andEngineering at Jinan University, Zhuhai (P.R. China). He maintains a broadresearch network, regularly visiting Universities such as Lancaster University(UK), the University of Clemson (US), Michigan State University (US) and theUniversity of Groningen (The Netherlands). Simple control for complex shops isone of Matthias’ main research interests. He has published widely on productioncontrol systems – in journals such as the International Journalof Production Economics, International Journal ofProduction Research, Journal ofManufacturing Systems, EuropeanJournal of Operational Research, ProductionPlanning & Control and Production& Operations Management– and is aleading expert on Workload Control, COBACABANA and Lean Work Design. He is alsoan author of the Shingo Research Award winning book Card-based Control Systems for a Lean WorkDesign: The Fundamentals of Kanban, ConWIP, POLCA and COBACABANA published with Productivity Press.Apart from Operations Management, Matthias is interested in social andphilosophical issues including system theory, cybernetics, causality and thephilosophy of science.