[管理学院学科发展基金获得者] Mohan Fonseka助理教授

Mohan Fonseka 助理教授




I teach Business and Corporate Law for ACCA (Accountingmajor) undergraduate as the curriculum responsibility of the actual annualsession of the podium 48 hours. In this course, I used"student-oriented" teaching philosophy with dividing the studentsinto several groups with case-study questions. The average evaluation ofstudents 85.6 points or more, which was rated as excellent in 2016/2017academic year. I also teach International Financial Management course forundergraduate students.  


The past five years, I carried outresearches on Financing Regulations, Internal & external Corporategovernance and boardroom connections of firms in Chinese capital market.Moreover, I was a project leader of two China Postdoctoral Research foundationprojects and take part in several National Natural Science Foundation projects.I have published more than 20 research papers in well reputed journals whichincluded 11 articles indexed in SSCI journals and 2 articles indexed in CSSCIjournals. Moreover, my research outputs presented in American AccountingAssociation Annual meetings, AFAANZ annual conferences in Australia and NewZealand. New research projects covers financing regulations and corporategovernance on technological innovations in Chinese firms.


I was a technical committeemember for the internationalconference on “Business and Management Perspectives inthe Asian Context: Challenges andProspects” held on October 20-22, 2016 at theUniversity of Lahore, Lahore, Pakistan. I also deliver a key note speech aboveconference. I am a technicalcommittee member for the 2ndinternationalconference on “Business and Management Perspectives inthe Asian Context in 2017. I am an Editorial Board Member in the Journal of Asian Management Research andact as a member of Reviewer Board at Financial Analyst Journal (SSCI jouranal).I was acted as an Ad-hoc reviewer for the Journal of International Financial  Markets,  Institution  and Money(SSCI Indexed), International Review ofEconomics and Finance- (SSCI Indexed), Emerging MarketsFinance and Trade (SSCI Indexed), European Journal of Finance (SSCI), Chinese Management Studies (SSCIIndexed), British Journal of Economics, Managementand Trade,South African Journal of Business Management- (SSCI Indexed), Journal of Research in InternationalBusiness and Management (formerly International Research Journalof Management and Business Studies); African Journal of BusinessManagement- (SSCI Indexed in 2010/2011) and American Accounting AssociationAnnual meeting 2014,AFAANZ annual conference 2015. I was act as a coordinator between Xian JiaotongUniversity and Sri Jayawardenepura for One Belt and One Road Management SchoolsAlliance. We applied and successfully received "China National GovernmentResearch Grants on One Belt and One Road initiative for the Project of"Corporate Governance and security market administrative regulations onFinancial Market Developments in Silk Road and Belt Countries : Case of Chinaand Sri Lanka"  [130,000.00 Yuan;With Huang Wei (Project leader),- Dean of SOM, Xian Jiaotong and U. AnuraKumara- Dean of Management Faculty, University of Sri Jayawardenepura]