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Brief Introduction to the School of Management of Xi¡¯an Jiaotong University

As thenational key university directly administrated by the Chinese Ministry ofEducation, Xi¡¯an Jiaotong University is one ofthe oldest modern institutions of higher education in China, one of the first universitiesbeing listed as key construction universities by the national seventh andeighth five-plan, one of the first seven universities entering China's"211 Project",  as well as one of the nineprestigious institutions of higher learning included in the¡°985 Project¡± which aims to construct international high-level universities.

Originally constructedin 1928, and restored and reconstructed in Dec. 1984, the School of Management,Xi¡¯an Jiaotong University is one of the earliest management schools in China.It now has two state first-level key disciplines---Management Science andEngineering and Business Administration, and doctoral program and postdoctoralresearch station of the above two disciplines. It is also one of the firstexperimental schools offering MBA and EMBA. Our school has always been one ofthe most influential education bases for management science research and forcultivating management talents. Under the guidance of high standard, strictrequirements and quality first, our school has cultivated a lot of topmanagement talents. Since 2002, the two discipline namely Management Scienceand Engineering and Business Administration consecutively ranked among the topplaces in the discipline appraisal by the Ministry of Education. In 2011, ourschool was officially granted with the international certification AACSB. In2016, our school has become the first school in China¡¯s university to be awaredwith the five-star rating in QS (Quacquarelli Symonds) Stars for GlobalBusiness Schools, which recognizes excellence in higher business education inthe world. In 2017, Management Science and Engineering and BusinessAdministration were both selected thenational-level "Double First-Class" initiative.

Ourschool has seven departments, seven research institutions, Chinese ManagementIssues Research Center of Soft Science Research Base led by the Ministry ofEducation, the Key Lab of the Ministry of Education for Process Control &Efficiency Engineering, and National Experimental Teaching Demonstrating Center,all of which together constitute a relatively comprehensive service system ofeducation, scientific research and management. Our school also jointly set upthe Center of Reform of Pilot Exploration and Assessment of CollaborativeInnovation with the National Development and Reform Commission. The mission ofthe center is to become one of the 100 most influential national think tanksand a world first class think tank in the field of reform pilot exploration andsubject research assessment. Its task is to solve key and hot issues in theprocess of reform exploration and evaluation through promoting collaborationbetween various parties with the theme of ¡°international vision, Chinese core,and innovative characteristic¡±. Its purpose is to provide highest-qualityacademic support, top elites and professional technologies for nationalstrategic and regional economic development through promoting academicexchanges and cultivating talents.  

Ourschool has worked with the American Carter Center to set up the Xi¡¯anJiaotong University---Carter Center Peace and Development Research Center,established a world first class think tank, and provided trustworthy consultingservices for regional development. It conducted a series of practical exchangeswith international top universities such as MIT, Harvard and obtained concreteresults. It has more than 30 universities and over 50 scientific researchinstitutions and enterprises from 11 different countries and regions as itscooperative partners. It has signed Strategic and Cooperative Agreement withthe Sloan School of MIT to share MBA courses and lab construction,exchange teachers to communicate in fields of teaching and scientific research,and develop ¡°Chinese Laboratory¡± project. It jointly established a first ¡°DataScience and Information Quality Research Center¡± with the Data Science and DataQuality Research Center of MIT, it co-built Chinese Management Case Center withHarvard University and put cooperation cases into Harvard case database. Italso carried out undergraduate student GCP global consulting projects with OhioUniversity.

Our school has 105full-time faculty including 47 professors, 38 associate professors and 20lecturers, among whom 102 scholars have been granted with doctorate andaccounts for 97% of the faculty. The said teachersinclude senior scholars and experts represented by respectful managerialist andacademician of Chinese Academy of Engineering---Professor Wang Yingluo, the National Outstanding Contribution Expert, winner of ¡°Scientist Prize of ChinaYouth¡± and the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars ---Professor Xi Youmin; the winner of ¡°National Fund of Preeminent Youth¡± and¡°Specially Engaged Professor of Cheung Kong Scholar¡± and leading talents of Special Support Plan for National high-level Talents---Professor Xu Yinfeng; ¡°SpeciallyEngaged Professor of Cheung Kong Scholar¡± and Distinguished Expert of National Brain Gain Plan for Overseas Senior Talents ---Professor Huang Wei. At present, among ourteaching team, there are 1 academician of Chinese Engineering Academy, 2 expertsof National Brain Gain Plan for Overseas Senior Talents, 2 scholars who won the NationalScience Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, 3 Cheung Kong Scholar, 1 scholarwho won the National Science Fund for Outstanding Young Scholars, 2 leading talentsof Special Support Plan for National high-levelTalents, 1 scholar who hasbeen admitted to enter the Youth Outstanding Talents Plan organized by theOrganization Department of the Central Committee of the CPC, 1 young andmiddle-aged expert who has made outstanding contribution at the national level,19 finalists of the Incubating Plan of Excellent Talents in the New Century, 1scholar who is the leader of a major project of national social science Fund, 1scholar who has been included into the Hundred Talent Program of ShaanxiProvince, 2 teachers who won the price of Shaanxi Province Youth Science andTechnology New Star, 1 experts who has made extraordinary contribution at theprovincial level and 2 famous and distinguished Shaanxi Province teachers. Ourschool also has 1 outstanding group of national social science fund, 1 CheungKong Scholars innovation team and 1 national excellent teaching team.

Ourschool has always followed the globalizationidea of ¡°inviting foreign scholarsto work together and finally going out¡± by establishing extensive internationalacademic exchange and collaboration relationship with other countries andregions, and inviting eminent experts and scholars both at homeand abroad to be our guest professor, visiting professor, honorary professorand part-time doctoral supervisor. Our school takes full use of global academicresources to form a high-level teaching team and promote the construction ofmanagement discipline. Our school¡¯s influence and popularity have been expandeddomestically and internationally.

From thevery start, our school has placed talent cultivation as the first priority andseen improving teaching quality as the core task. It adjusts structure,promotes growth, establishes mechanisms and engages in practical works with theaim of expandingactivities, establishing platform, increasing practices andsetting up brand. Our school has cultivated a lot of leaders and elites byconstantly pushing forward reform and continually enhancing teaching qualitywhile bearing an international vision, leadership ideology and socialresponsibility. Our school provides undergraduate program, master program,doctorate program, MBA, EMBA, MPAcc, MEM, engineering master program, full-timeprofessional diploma program of various majors and other senior managementtraining programs. At present, our school has 544 undergraduates, 238 full-timemaster degree candidates, 345 doctoral students, over 3000 students attendingprofessional degree program and more than 90 international master¡¯s anddoctoral candidates from 25 countries and regions.

In the disciplineconstruction process of the ¡°985 Project¡± (from 2010 to 2013), our schoolcontinues its 30-years plan of combining internationalization strategy withdiscipline construction and school development. It refines its disciplineorientation by confirming the big data management and application, advancedmanufacture and logistics management, and leadership and strategic innovationas discipline development direction under the general strategic framework.Through decades of efforts, it has better and more high-level thesis, it hasenhanced its ability to undertake key projects of Natural Science Foundation ofChina, supporting plans of national science and technology and major programsof national social science fund, and it has presented more policy proposals togovernment and provided more management consulting services to enterprises. Itscapability of serving regional government and enterprises has been furtherexpanded. For more than 30 years, our school has completed more than 100projects including national key scientific research programs, nationalscientific fund major projects, natural science foundation items and preeminentyouth fund programs. It has gained 3 National Science & Technology AdvancePrizes, 4 National Teaching Production Prizes, 1 China Population Prize, morethan 100 scientific and technology prizes awarded by the National Science andTechnology Ministry, Chinese Ministry of Education, provinces, cities anduniversities. It has thousands of papers published on important journals homeand abroad and issued on international academic conferences. It has composedand published more than 100 various academic monographs and teaching materials.

With the advancement of¡°211 Project¡± and ¡°985 Project¡±, the comprehensive implementationof "Double First-Class" University Construction ,the development ofdiscipline construction and outstanding characteristics, we are confident thatour School of Management will always stand in the front of management researchand be a place longed by management talents. We have and will continue to makegreat efforts to make our school enjoy more popularity world with greaterinfluence in social services.