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51CTO and School of Management Coorganized the WOT Inter-City Salon

On Feb 27, 2016,China's leading IT technical service media 51CTO andSchool of Management coorganized the Inter-City Salon Xi'an Station of World ofTech (WOT) Technology Summit. This ignited a boom for offline technologysalons. Three famous lecturers from Tencent, JD.com, and MEIZU shared thepractical applications and the latest trends of big data techniques in QQplatform, e-business wars, and new product development. First, Dong Kang, theformer algorithm engineer in JD.com, explained in details the recommendationsystem infrastructure and the recommendation algorithms, based on his manyyears' experience in recommendation techniques in JD.com. Then, Xiaoke Zhouelaborated the Spark technology that is applied to new product development inMEIZU. Finally, QingweiQiu from SNG at Tencent talked about the big dataplatform for social network based on QQ space, QQ music, QQ VIP, and so forth.In summary, this salon brought new thoughts and novel ideas to professors andstudents in School of Management, and shared with them the dynamics and trendsof big data in industries.