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Bernard M.Baruch College-CUNY & XJTU Promotes Cooperation in Talent Cultivation

On the morning of September 5th, Dr.Mitchel Wallerstein, President of Bernard M.Baruch College-CUNY, led adelegation to visit XiĄŻan Jiaotong University. President Wang Shuguo met withPresident Mitchel Wallerstein and his delegation in the 107 conference room ofthe Science Hall. The two sides signed a cooperation agreement on the Master ofScience degree program. Vice president of Xi Guang, Directors of InternationalAffairs Office and Dean of School of Management attended the meeting.

President Wang Shuguo pointed out that withthe implementation and construction of the National Central City andinternational metropolitan planning, XiĄŻan is showing a vigorous developmentmomentum, which has also brought unprecedented opportunities for XiĄŻan JiaotongUniversity. XiĄŻan Jiaotong University attaches great importance to thesubstantive cooperation with international first-class universities in thefields of student training and scientific research, and is willing to cooperatefully with Bernard M.Baruch College-CUNY in the above two fields.

President Mitchel Wallerstein introducedthe discipline setting, number of students, comprehensive ranking andinternationalization strategy of Bernard M.Baruch College-CUNY, pointing outthat the College actively promotes internationalization and encourages morestudents, especially those from China, to study at the College. It is hopedthat the first cooperation in talent cultivation between the two sides will besuccessful and that multidisciplinary practical cooperation with XiĄŻan JiaotongUniversity in the fields of talent cultivation and scientific research will beexpanded in the future.

During the visit, Fenwick Huss, Dean of theZicklin School of Business at Baruch College, Senior Vice Dean Qing Hu, andFeng Gengzhong, Dean of School of Management, Vice Dean Su Qin and Director ofMBA Center Ge Jing conducted in-depth talks in Room 336 of School of Management.The two sides fully exchanged views on the cooperation of the Master of Sciencein Finance and discussed possible future cooperation directions.

Bernard M.Baruch College is a member of theNew York Municipal University, located in Manhattan, New York. It is renownedfor its business expertise in New York City and throughout the country. theZicklin Business School is one of the largest business schools in the UnitedStates. After two years of discussion, XiĄŻan Jiaotong University and Bernard M.BaruchCollege finally reached a consensus on the cooperation of the Master of Sciencedegree program. Through this program, students will be awarded a MasterĄŻs Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from XiĄŻan JiaotongUniversity and a MasterĄŻs Degree in Finance (MSF) from Bernard M.BaruchCollege. The signing of the agreement between the two schools marks thesubstantive stage of cooperation in talent cultivation and lays a solidfoundation for further deepening cooperation.