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Mr. Li Zhiming, President of ACCA, Visited School of Management, XJTU

To strengthen strategic cooperation between ACCA and XiĄŻan Jiao TongUniversity in training international accounting talents and respond to ChinaĄŻs Ą°Belt and RoadĄ± initiative, Mr. Li Zhiming, President of ACCA, led Yu Xiangtian of  ACCA China Affairs Director, Shao Nan of ACCA China Education and Development Director and Wu Zhijun of ACCA Public Affairs Senior Manager tovisit School of  Management on Sept.13th. Wang Shuguo, President of XiĄŻanJiaotong University, and Xi Guang, Vice President of XiĄŻan Jiaotong University, met with President Li and his delegation in Room 107 of Yifu Science Museum.Chen Hong, Secretary of the Party Committee of School of Management, He Changzhong, Director of the Department of International Exchange andCooperation, Su Qin, Vice-President of School of Management, Tian Gaoliang,Director of the Department of Accounting and Finance, Liu Haicheng, Director ofthe Academic Administration Center, Zhang Xiaohong, Director of the ACCA Centerand Fu Lin, Secretary of  ACCA, attended the meeting.

President Wang Shuguo warmly welcomed the ACCA delegation to visit our university and introduced to the guests the rich historical culture of XiĄŻan,the glorious development history of XiĄŻan Jiaotong University, the construction of the Western China Science and Technology Innovation Harbor and the expansion of the University Alliance of New Silk Road. President Wang said that the management discipline of School of Management has been in the fore front of the domestic for many years. Last year, the Business Management and Management Science and Engineering two first-class disciplines were selected into the national Ą°Double First-rateĄ± disciplines, hoping to further enhance the level and influence of our accounting discipline through the ACCA platform of globalization.

President Li Zhiming, on behalf of ACCA, thanked XiĄŻan JiaotongUniversity for proofreading the strong support for ACCA development. He saidthat XiĄŻan Jiaotong University was one of the earliest platinum-level  ACCA educational institutions in China, which trained a large number of out standing international accounting talents for the community. ACCA will continue to strengthen strategic cooperation with XiĄŻan Jiaotong University and will createmore opportunities for cooperation, such as co-host cooperation forums and shareresearch reports, in addition to provide ACCA orientation services. Furtherunderstanding of the expectations and needs of XiĄŻan Jiaotong University for ACCA,ACCA will better cooperate with the school brand building, teacher training andstudent recruitment and follow-up services in the future.

Director Yu Xiangtian said that he would implement the results of thetalks between President Li and President Wang as soon as possible, andcontribute to the promotion of ACCA brand value.

Vice President Xi Guang said that after years of efforts, ACCAorientation class has become a high-quality brand of XiĄŻan Jiaotong University,I hope ACCA will continue to support the development of our universityĄŻsaccounting discipline.

Vice President Su Qin introduced the development of ACCA in XiĄŻanJiaotong University and suggested that ACCA should strengthen its support foroverseas practice of accounting undergraduates, and try to pilot the ACCA vocational qualification program among the professional degree graduates in our university.

After the talks, President Li came to School of Management and gave a splendid report to the teachers and students. He introduced the development of  ACCA in the world, China and Shaanxi Province in detail, had an interactive exchange with the students and was warmly welcomed by all.

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), founded in 1904, is the leading group of professional accountants, the largest number of international students and the fastest growing professional accountant organization in the world. This year, ACCA has entered China for 30 years,nearly 200 universities in China have set up ACCA professional direction. In 2001,XiĄŻan Jiaotong University took the lead in setting up ACCA teaching reformpilot class in China. It was the first to integrate academic education with international vocational qualification education. It has enrolled more than1200 students in 18 sessions, more than 1000 students graduated in 14 sessions,and the employment rate is 100%. Six students won the first place in the worldin the global unified examination, 34 students won the first place in Asia-Pacific or the first place in mainland China. XiĄŻan Jiaotong University delegationwon the champion of Ą°2018 ACCA Finals of the National Employment CompetitionĄ±. ACCA has awarded the certificate of Ą°ACCA China Excellent Education InstitutionĄ± for School of Management.