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Report Notice:BigData Fusion forMining e-Health Data

Title:BigData Fusion forMining e-Health Data

Time:2016/1/8  9:30am

Place:Room 313

Keynote speaker:Porf.Li Xue

DKE Division, School of InformationTechnology and ElectricalEngineering

TheUniversity of Queensland, Australia

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In medical research and healthcare,thereare many large data sets which are related to each other in terms oftheclinical trials, medical research publications, Electronic HealthRecords(HER), annual health check-up records, and patient bed-side monitoringdata. Inthis talk we discuss our case studies and experiments on how we canconnect therelevant medical and health data sets together to rank the mostinfluentialtreatments for diseases, to predict the health states for ageingindividuals,or to predict the mortality of hospital patients.  A graph-based data fusion approach willbeintroduced to represent the different types of relationships among dataitemsand learn from data for predictions.

Dr Xue Li CV

DrXue Li is a Professor in DEK (Dataand Knowledge Engineering) Division, Schoolof Information Technology, theUniversity of Queensland in Australia. Hisresearch interests are in datamining, intelligent information systems, andsocialcomputing. He led hisresearch team won 9 prestigious prizes awarded byGoogle, Microsoft,International conferences, and the Australian Government inrecent years. He isrecognized as the 11th of Top-50 Most Influential People inAustralia in 2015by Australian Financial Review. He is currently a ChiefInvestigator for 4Australian ARC Funding Projects with more than two millionAustralian Dollars.He is an Associate Editor of Journal of Advanced Internet ofThings.  He also was an Editor on BoardofInternational Journal of Management of Information Systems & Technology.Hehas over 160 publications as monograph, edited books, book chapters,andjournal and conference papers.  Hehassuccessfully supervised 15 PhD students to completion and is offering 5 PhDscholarshipsin 2016for research excellent students.