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Report Notice: Punishing the perpetrator of incivility: The differential roles of moral identity and moral thinking orientation

Report Notice:Punishingthe perpetrator of incivility: The differential roles of moral identity andmoral thinking orientation

Reporter:XiaowanLin,Vice Professor,University of Macao

Time:2:00-3:30 p.m. September 27, 2018

Place:Room 315


To shed light on the paradoxical phenomenonthat third parties of interpersonal mistreatment are motivated to restorejustice but often engage in unethical actions, this research differentiatesbetween destructive and constructive punitive reactions while testing thedifferent moderating roles of moral identity and moral thinking orientation.From two studies using different methods and samples from different cultures,we obtained consistent findings that witnessed peer-to-peer incivilitytriggered moral outrage, which in turn led to both types of punitive reactions.Moral identity strengthened the relationship between witnessed incivility andmoral outrage, while rule-based moral thinking orientation weakened therelationship between moral outrage and destructive punitive reaction. Moralidentity strengthened the relationship between moral outrage and constructivepunitive reaction. The indirect effect of witnessed mistreatment on destructivepunitive reaction through moral outrage was strongest among participants withhigher moral identity but lower rule-based moral thinking orientation. Wediscuss the theoretical and practical implications of our findings.

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