OPEN MY EYES—2013级UTA学员李瑞 2014-11-28

I’m Angelina Li from class of 2013. I’m extremely honored to give this speech today on behalf of my class. 


Time flies. Back in September last year, I was also standing here giving a speech, but the difference is that I was a new student at that time, like you today. I just shared my dreams and expectations of coming here, which is to acquire more skills so that I can pursue something more meaningful in life. 


After spending a year here, I did learn a lot. UTA and Jiao tong University has outstanding faculty who taught us the most advanced business management philosophies and operation skills. For instance, economics professor Mr.roger,came fromUTA,he use easily cases explain a lot complicated economics theory, let us learned a lot in short four days;and professor yang, teaching us marketing curriculum, he was very strict, he exam us every day, even three time a day,nevertheless we all like him, we all activated participation in the class discussions, reallyfeel return campus.Other curriculums such as , accounting, Finance

SCM Supply Chain Managementetc., all opened up my eyes, and injected new thinking to me.


Outside of the class, there have been frequent interactions among our classmates, which gave me opportunities to gain a little bit of knowledge on industries that I’ve never touched upon before, such as construction and healthcare. All these academic learning and cross-industry exchange further opened up my mind,changed me, shaped me into a new person who has a clearer mind, more confident, more risk-taking and entrepreneurial. 


Not long ago, I finally decided to resign from Walmart to start a new life,I want to createmy own business my own practice my learning all these years. Ichoose Internetarea. Stillrememberfrom professor Liao of Jiao tong University’s “Enterprise Information Management” curriculum, I learned about the future of Internet, how the society has been impacted, and how our life has been and will be changed.China has become the largest eCommerce market in the world. By 2020, China’s e-commerce market is forecasted to be larger than those of the US, UK, Japan, Germany, and France combined.


From then on ,I once again confirmed my idea. I start my company Urban Yoyo along with my sister in US.,We focus on cross-border mobile  and ecommerce platform 

targeting the rising 300 billion middle class women in China, bringing them the popular western lifestyle brands that are unknown yet in China, closing the gap between the trendy Chinese online shoppers who aspire to buy authentic, high quality and unique products and the western brands who seek to enter the China market.   


We provide overseas online shoppers with a one-stop-shop experience on both mobile and desktop by curating the hottest trends, styles and international brands from New York, Paris, London and Milan that are unknown yet in China,


After sharing part of the company development plans with some of my classmates here, I got many invaluable tips, advices and encouragement. I feel blessed! Thank you so much!


The 2014 class is about to kick off, and you are going to on board a brand new journey. Over the next two years, you will learn new things, make new friends, and ignite new ideas. It’s hard but fun. So fasten your seat belt, and enjoy your ride! I wish you all the best!